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Your Excellency,

Today Saudi Arabia, and the world, celebrates the official lifting of the ban on women driving in your country. It is a momentous occasion tarnished by the recent arrests of some of the most prominent women’s rights advocates in Saudi Arabia, women who participated in the right to drive movement. I was shocked and concerned by their arrests, and further to learn that they have been accused of treason.

Aziza Alyousef, Eman Alnafjan and Loujain Alhathloul were arrested without a warrant and sent to jail without a trial. They have since suffered a hideous and defamatory smear campaign run by Saudi media, branding them traitors.  

These women peacefully protested the inequality that they, and their fellow country women face every day. Their only means of protest has been through personal social media accounts, as well as lobbying government officials to reach legal channels.

Women being able to drive in Saudi is a significant event, and I, along with many women from around the world, will be recording our driven miles in a show of celebration and solidarity. In dedicating my driven miles to this cause, I call for the release of these activists and an end to the inhuman male guardianship system in Saudi Arabia.

Yours sincerely.


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