1,000,000 miles

to end the male
guardianship in Saudi


“While in the vast majority of countries governments only deny minors and those with certain mental disabilities the right to make decisions for themselves, in Saudi Arabia the government extends these limitations on legal capacity to fully competent adult women. At its core, the imposition of male guardianship denies Saudi women their right under the UN Convention on the Elimination of all Forms of Discrimination against Women to "a legal capacity identical to that of men and the same opportunities to exercise that capacity."The Saudi authorities essentially treat adult women as legal minors who are entitled to little authority over their own lives and well-being.”

More information: Perpetual Minors Report, Human Rights Watch


We are intending to bring as much media attention to the case of the three detain women’s rights activist as we can. The Saudi government are promoting new Saudi that is detached from the past mistakes of radicalism and sexism against women, and we are holding them liable for their promises. We ask you to use the hashtag #Miles4Freedom and #Women2Drive and invite more women to join the movement by donating their recorded driven miles on their cars odometer on this website as part of the call of releasing these women activists and abolishing the most sexist system in the world.

“It’s a grass root movement grew out of an online campaign that began in July 2016, when Human Rights Watch (HRW) published a report on the problems of the guardianship system in Saudi Arabia. Nearly 15,000 women in Saudi Arabia have signed an online petition demanding that the country abolish its male guardianship system, which requires women to get the consent of men for major decisions like traveling abroad, getting married, and even sometimes to work or study. The petition, which was handed to the Saudi government on Sept. 26, came after some 2,500 women sent direct telegrams to the Saudi King’s office over the weekend urging for the change.”

More information:

Thousands of Saudi women petition for the right to make decisions without a man’s permission

Feminist Saudi street artist Saffaa protests sexist law


Today, the Saudi government is targeting women’s rights activists in many forms: shutting them up, harassing them and their families, banning them from travel, calling them for interrogation and questioning, and even jailing them like in the case of the #Women2Drive #IAmMyOwnGuardian three activists: Aziza Alyousef, Eman Alnafjan and Loujain Alhathloul.

More information:

Who is Aziza Alyousef?

Who is Eman Alnafjan?

Who is Loujain Alhathloul?

It’s a campaign that I started back in 2011 with Bahia Almansour, where we called women with valid driver’s license in Saudi Arabia to drive on June 17th. For participating in the campa§ign, I was sent to jail for “Driving While Female” charges. After my jail and shutting down our social media accounts, the campaign turned into a grassroots movement, where women from all over the world supported Saudi women rights to drive.


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